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Our Fleet

Audi A8

The Audi A8L is a combination of elegance, performance, innovation, and intelligent automotive safety systems.  Each seat is covered with leather upholstery and the interior is trimmed with hand polished  wood. The electronic stability program ensures a smooth ride.  The A8L is a full size luxury vehicle that articulates sophistication and class.


Lincoln MKT

The MKT redefines Lincoln’s approach to the luxury sedan by combining advanced technology, stunning design and confident performance.  Enjoy surround sound speakers and wood-trimmed interior. And with a Turbo V6 engine that delivers a new level of invigorating performance and efficiency, the MKT brings new and exclusive technology, while still delivering the space and elegance that is Lincoln’s DNA.


GMC Yukon XL

The extremely popular GMC YUKON XL was built with  determination, bold lines, and fashionable style. Featuring a  Surround Sound System with a dual CD/DVD player, AudioPilot® noise compensation technology, tri-zone climate control, and leather interior , you will find yourself safely at home in this stylishly bold luxury SUV.


13 Passenger Van Terra

Turtle top executive van terras have  seating for up to  13 passengers. It’s perfect for smaller corporate groups, meetings, sporting events, concerts, tours, wedding shuttles and much, much more. Equipped with comfortable leather reclining seats, seat belts, DVD player capability with surround sound and dual air conditioners. Spacious headroom , a separate luggage compartment and an electrically operated  door and step make it easy to board and exit the vehicle.


23 Passenger Shuttle Bus

For your larger groups that need transportation, a mini bus is the perfect vehicle . A favorite for large wedding parties , or a corporate outing, the mini bus comes standard with television, DVD player, and vehicle-length air-conditioning. With comfortable seating and a smooth ride,  all of our buses our equipped with separate luggage compartments.


35 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Is room for 23 passengers just not enough?  Available with all the amenities as its smaller counterpart, the 35 passenger bus will ensure the more will definitely be merrier.

Can’t find the kind of vehicle you’re looking for? Contact us with a special request and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

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